Song Of The Day Van Morrison-Sweet thing.

ok lets get posting again!

song of the day
and what a beautiful one it is,

and this version of it by the waterboys is so good too!

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CBS Promote The Clash

Good evening everyone well its been a while! So a quick rant about yet another greatest hits package from the only band the matters. Now I know everybody has to earn a buck but come on yet another greatest hits package,remastering the remasters! what next? remastering the remastered remasters!

im tempted by the box set but ive bought these albums so many times now its ridiculous, this is really not what punk was about, id of been interested if Joe Strummer would of okayed these packages, whathappened to pay no more then a fiver for a double a la London calling?

You pays your money and makes your choices, but this has truly put me off the clash and as a big fan I never thought id say that.

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Joe Strummer 10 years Gone

Ive nothing much to say other then,Joe Strummer was one of my heroes,he was from another time when musicians tried to change the world,he may not of changed the whole world but he changed a lot of peoples worlds. RIP Joe Strummer

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Hello punk rockers well its been a bloody while everybody hasnt it, well whats brought me back to blogging you may ask? Well its news that the great Keith Levene is releasing another LP this straight after his collaberation with Jah Wobble on Ying And Yang!

whats that saying you wait years for a bus then 2 come at once!
Heres the press release i was given

“For immediate release – December 17, 2012: Clash/Public Image Ltd. founding member, Keith Levene, will release his digital album entitled Search4AbsoluteZero via a process which he describes as his “virtual skateboard.”

Levene devised this internet-based concept while recalling the manner in which he distributed the bootleg version of Public Image, Ltd.’s unfinished fourth studio album, Commercial Zone, in the streets of New York City for a few months in the late 1983/early 1984 timeframe.

Back then, the fiercely independent composer/musician’s principal distribution channel was primarily comprised of a red-wheeled skateboard which he employed to travel from one place to the next in the Big Apple.

“I’d skate up to the pressing plant and pick up about 10 boxes of records which I wheeled back on the board. After that, I’d physically bring a box of LPs to the purchaser via my skateboard. I’d have to dodge cars and taxis and negotiate the streets in whatever weather until the last box was sold. Then I stopped.” Levene recalls.

Search4AbsoluteZero, which Levene describes as “the parity release” to the recent Jah Wobble/Keith Levene LP Yin and Yang, wraps up unfinished business of Public Image, Ltd.’s highly acclaimed second album the Metal Box. This unfinished business was largely focused around a series of “Metal Box in Dub” shows in Europe and Japan featuring Levene, Public Image, Ltd.’s original bassist Wobble, singer Nathan Maverick, drummer Marc Layton-Bennett, and trumpeter Sean Corby.

“Like the Metal Box, Search4AbsoluteZero was done in one take, off the top of our heads,” Levene explains. “Search was recorded in a similar way, not by design, but it worked out that way. It’s the way I compose all my work. Nothing is ever planned or contrived. The music just seems to flow out of me. It’s always been that way.

Levene is “very, very happy with Search4AbsoluteZero. I wouldn’t release it otherwise. I just couldn’t do it.”

Search4AbsoluteZero contains Levene’s original artwork, a video, and nine tracks, including the title tune which was co-written by Layton-Bennett. The title tune is a haunting instrumental, which is comprised largely of a solitary guitar, drums, and an electric piano. Also included in the digital release will be a recent interview of Levene by Tony Dale, the legendary “long haired hippy roadie” of Fodderstompf fame.

Levene states that the digital version of Search4AbsoluteZero will be available for a very limited period of time via his virtual skateboard, just as Commercial Zone was delivered through his actual skateboard. ”

I for one am really looking forward to hearing this as anyone with an interest in music and Pil will be im sure,it was Keiths guitars and musical abilities that forged the original PIL sound!

Ive chatted with keith a few times on twitter and for me to engage so easily with one of my heroes is really great!

thats it for now!
If anyone is wondering where ive been since July, ive been falling in love!

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British Airways Promote The Clash………..

Aint for revolution just for cash.

On getting home last night i finally heard it and saw it for the first time, i was just making a cup of tea after flicking the TV on when i hear Joe Strummer singing Londons Calling, i look up is the British Airways ad i have heard about but pushed to the back of my mind.

i was truly saddened that it had come to this, the songs and band of rebellion from my youth promoting a company who did not come out at all well when their workers were striking,and people who think this is being subversive have to remember that all people will hear is Londons calling tra la la la and thats it, we would like to think its subversive but it not its just money making.

Dont get me wrong its Mick Jones to do with however he sees fit,but to me not only is he selling his heritage but hes selling mine too and others like me feel this way, this has really tarnished the memory of the clash and that tour where they were promoting that album which holds such great memories for me has suddenly had the gloss taking off.

I dread to think whats coming next and where the songs will be used next, punk is truly dead!

Crass were right all along, i always knew they were

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Buzzcocks Friday 25th May 2012 Manchester

Here is a copy of the show the Buzzcocks did in manchester last week split into 3 different sets, ive split them into 2 files, i loved the buzzcocks back in the day, but now feel enough is enough and maybe its  time for them to call it a day!

Set 1
Pete Shelley – guitar / vocals
Steve Diggle – guitar / vocals
Chris Remmington – bass guitar
Danny Farrant – drums

1.Intro (Marc Riley)
2.What Am I Supposed To Do?
3.Totally From The Heart
4.When Love Turns Around
7.Lester Sands
8.Sell You Everything
9.Wish I Never Loved You
10.People Are Strange Machines
11.The Way
12.Sound Of A Gun
14.Big Brother Wheels
17.Crystal Night
18.Alive Tonight
20.Sick City Sometimes

Set 2
Pete Shelley – guitar / vocals
Steve Diggle – guitar / vocals
Steve Garvey – bass guitar
John Maher – drums

1.Intro (Marc Riley)
2.Fast Cars
3.I Don’t Mind
5.Get On Our Own
6.Fiction Romance
7.You Say You Don’t Love Me
8.Sixteen Again
9.Why She’s A Girl From The Chainstore
10.Moving Away From The Pulsebeat
11.Why Can’t I Touch It
12.Mad Mad Judy
13.Everybody’s Happy Nowadays
15.Love You More
16.What Do I Get?
17.encore break
18.Harmony In My Head
19.Ever Fallen In Love With
20.Orgasm Addict

Set 3
Howard Devoto – vocals
Pete Shelley – broken starway guitar
Steve Diggle – bass guitar
John Maher – drums

1.Intro (Marc Riley)
3.Times up
5.Friends Of Mine / Can’t Control Myself mixup
6.Friends Of Mine
7.encore break
8.I Can’t Control Myself


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Sex Pistols The Jubilee

And so it came to pass that in 1977 we had the Sex Pistols kicking up a stink for the silver jubilee, for the diamond jubilee all we have is shit reality tv talent contest music, where are this generations rabble rousers,there does not seem to be any about, to be honest all people are interested in are their mobiles, and reality tv talentless shows.

And so it comes to pass that being old has its advantages as i lived through exciting musical times unlike the yoof of today. AMEN to that.

and yes i know what came afterwards the butter selling etc but as stated before how many bands have newspaper headlines that say “enemies of the world” i tell you how many a big fat NONE!
The Sex Pistols the band that defined my generation.

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Stone Roses The Return

well they are back and playing live again and by the sounds of this bootleg, it looks like i may be eating a big slice of humble pie,as the roses sound fantastic! I must say though that i still would not go see them in a field especially if the gallagher brothers were anywhere near too! But to see them in a small/smallish venue would be fantastic!

So here are the Stone Roses from Warrington parr hall 23rd May.

set list

i Wanna Be Adored
Mersey Paradise
Sally Cinnamon
Made Of Stone
Sugar Spun Sister
Where Angels Play
Shoot You Down
She Bangs The Drums
Love Spreads

had to take the link to this bootleg down after a complaint from the stone roses management, fair enough i was not trying to make money from it just share it.


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Sam Allardyce Take A Bow

Hello everyone ive not been blogging for a while as ive been busy in the gym and working but today i have to write a short blog to say well done Sam you did what was asked of you,and you did it whilst taking a load of shit from your own supporters.Sam please stand up and take a bow, and let the twitterarti who wanted you out along with Nolan, and who said Vaz Te was shit etc etc well let them fuck right off because you proved them all wrong.

Sam i bloody well salute you, thanks for making our club difficult to beat and resilliant, not like the roll over west ham of old.

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Sid Vicious RIP

Cant let today pass without a quick blog about Sid, i cant belive its 33 years since he died, i remember hearing about it and being absolutley devastated,he was the first rock star i cared about that died,we laughed at the teddy boys when Elvis died and he was really old anyway,but Sid was young like us,it did not seem possible he was dead,i remember playing my way over and over again,at the time he was a big hero of mine, he just seemed to be anti everything which when your young its what you admire the most! Drugs and Nancy killed him, would of been interesting to see him 33 years later and what he may of become, but some people seem to self destruct.
Paul Anka the writer of My way always said that Sids version was his favourite!
Sid may be a bit of a cartoon punk but he and the sex pistols were true trailblazers for everything no sex pistols =no future.


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