X-Ray Spex – 1977.xx.xx – White Lion, Putney

Number 2 in a set of 3 of x-ray spex bootlegs

Quoting Lora Logic from Greil Marcus’ “In The Fascist Bathroom”:
“X-Ray Spex only played about thirty gigs in its whole life and I played twenty four of them.”

…..this show is one of them…there’s no room for grumbling.

Thanks to the taper for being there.


01. Oh Bondage! Up Yours!
02. Obsessed With You
03. Identity
04. Let’s Submerge
05. Plastic Bag
06. I Live Off You
07. I Am A Cliche
08. I Can’t Do Anything
09. The Day The World Turned Day-Glo
10. Oh Bondage! Up Yours!
11. I Am A Cliche

MP3 320k


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