If Fashion Is A Passion…………………..

Well as all my regular followers on twitter will know ive been ranting a bit this week about fashion and tattoos!

What i want to know is why the british as a whole are lacking in style? The British  nation has become a people who seem to dress in cheap sportsware from god forbid sports direct i ask why?

As a kid i remember all the styles and different gangs we had, the mods,hippies,skinheads,soulboys and finally for me the punks (of which i was one) these gangs had one thing in commen they had style,as a 16 year old i was wearing Vivienne Westwood stuff from Seditionaries, i even remember buying a jumper from Chelsea girl of all places because it bloody looked good! but what i dont remember is the youth of the day  slouching about in shit sportsware! When we went out we bloody dressed up!

The only sportsware i remember wearing was expensive stuff when i became a casual in the early 80s! God there was some money spent on lacoste and lois jeans and pringles, But now everyone is wearing shapeless tracksuits and shit trainers!

Im not saying we all looked different in fact the leather jacket and jeans sid look became a bit of a cliche but im saying more effort went into how we looked!

Shapeless bodies in shapeless clothes usually with prominently placed tattoos, thats another thing when did it become  essential to have one especially for the ladies,i dont think there are many without one these days,im not saying dont have them im saying are you only getting a tattoo for the sake of it because your friends have them?

Not another star or butterfly tattoo! you think your being original but your all just sheep!

Anyway rant over! thought it would make a change from music,right better get my shell suit on! The chav ruleth the world!




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