I Hate Pink Floyd.

Ok there i said it again when i mentioned it on twitter this afternoon it sure rattled a few cages! But as paul cooks t shirt said in 76, i hate Pink floyd and nothing has changed for me! Yes i know Johnny Rotten sold out but what does that matter to my opinion im still bloody the same poor and bloody angry,Pink Floyd were everything that was wrong with music when punk broke, distant superstars in their limos nothing in common with the fans playing uninspiring music for the drug adeled hippies!

Listen to this yawn fest from 77

Then listen to this!

I know what i was listening to then as now!
Maybe ive not smoked enough weed to “get” Pink Floyd some of my friends love them but for me music has to be exciting and edgy not a yawn fest!
As Crass said
“Punk was once an answer to years of crap,
A way of saying no where we’d always said yep”

Crass were the real deal they had the politics and the lyrics, and lived it as they said.
Punk sold out in the end and ended up being thought of as the exploited,gbh,vice squad and other shit like that, it could not last before people wanted to take the cash,it was the last great musical movement, and im thankful for one thing Paul cooks t shirt gave me an ever lasting hatred of Pink Floyd!
But feel the danger before it went sour!

One of the things i loved most about punk was when they interviewed steve jones on radio luxemburg (fab208 i think) he said “were not into music were into chaos! when your young thats what you want chaos!

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13 Responses to I Hate Pink Floyd.

  1. You've Got to be CrazyNo Gravatar says:

    i would understand if you were comparing pink floyd to Yes, Genesis, King Crimson, and etc. or if perhaps you were comparing it to modern music such as electro or something. but man, you are comparing it to people who didn’t really know how to play their instruments. their music is admiring, slow paced, and chill as fuck. try listening to the original version of the song “you’ve got to be crazy”.
    oh, and who would i be not to say

  2. GeorgeNo Gravatar says:

    Man you are the “Sheep”(listen and read the lyrics) in the system (you let the system manipulate you. You are the wanted evil in this plan,the one who wants to destroy something beautiful and true as P.F.) stop living inside of your wall and see outside it. Sorry that you hate hippies and etc but man P.F. is space rock progressive psychedelic, everybody loves P.F. because they told the truth about what is going on with the system and your head if you let them control your life 100% => turning into something violent and destructive as a nazi leader . Sorry if you are going to hate me but it’s not my problem that you can’t understand P.F. .Maybe you hate it because your dad is loving it and you are the negative and rebel and do opposite as your father,anyway i can’t say for real but try to understand that an anarchy=dead to weak and live=strong and i want to see how will you survive as a free man

  3. lol waringNo Gravatar says:

    Anti war, anti establishment, anti fascist, anti capitalist, non conformist, not the first things you think of when you say Pink Floyd but they’re themes that many of their songs cover. You may not like the pace of the music but some of the ethos in the lyrics you will recognise and admire.

    I love Crass, i love Conflict, I liked Chumbawamba when they were making albums like Never mind the Ballots and Pictures of starving children sell records. I love Pink Floyd also. I can easily go from Big A Little A to Astronomy Domine.

    I was having a conversation the other day about the Hippie movement in the 60′s and after, being subversive, they rejected society, they didn’t like it, they didn’t want it, they wanted to change it. Yes through the years there was a lot of dippy shit that went along with it and some self indulgent music as a result but that is just the same for the punk movement. It had people who were no longer related to the real scene but represented them universally, Matt Belgrano anyone?

    Over all my impression is that the anti-whathaveyougot? that the hippies had was carried on by the punks, same thing really. The only evolution was the music. It got harder and faster.

    You don’t like Pink Floyd? You don’t have to. Its music and music is subjective. If you dont like what i do or i what you do, no one is right or more right on.

    I find it funny that the band that gave us the line ‘Never trust a hippie’ was managed by one of the most untrustworthy people, according to the band during and very much after their spot in the limelight.

    Nice post though.

  4. Alex says:

    I understand your points, but I do like Pink Floyd and Queen. As someone who grew up outside of English and American popular culture until the age of 14, all Rock bands meant rebellion to me. Eventually, I did realize that some like the Monkees, The Pistols, Emerson, Lane & Palmer, and all of the early 80s Arena-Rock bands were manufactured and weren’t about rebellion. My 72 year-old Dad reminds me often that to him anyone after Elvis was crap.

  5. alorenzaNo Gravatar says:

    Hey, Pete,

    love ur blog and disgree. Music will never die, never get stale, never stop, never not touch our hearts. Unless ur dead. In Germany theres a saying for young boys:

    Alles ist gut, solange Du wild bist. Translated by my best efforts: Everything is good if U stay wild.

    Hey, Floyd is good music for some occasions. (Like shagging for example – i never wrote this,okay, it was aliens hijacking my computer, i swear).

    But music never dies: Listen to Bonamassa. Listen to Eminem – in know You hate Rap, so i had to bring the best lyricist of the 2xxx up. Listen to Lemmy all the time.

    Weird detour: Once i was married and had married (broing) friends. We all sat on couches in our boring living room. Music is dead they said and i replied: Did U here this new band. Soundgarden. I played black hole sun. And they woke up. True story.

    Listen to the union and bcc and 180 proof and the tsunami off new, fresh bands.

    Music will never die. And somtimes i even enjoy pink floyd. ätsch!

  6. Alex JohnsonNo Gravatar says:

    Opinions differ. I grew up in a music starved England back in the 60’s- when our only choice until then had been Cliff Richard and Marty Wilde- so yes, we rebelled and looked for our own music. The groups of the time also had it hard to bring their music foreword, the establishment did not react nicely to groups like the Who and Stones, never mind Pink Floyd and many others.

    Time has changed these early ‘pioneers’ of pop, into a new form of ‘Royalty’, with them receiving knighthoods, OBE’s, and attending royal weddings; something which not even they could of imagined 40 or so years ago. Yes, sometimes I do feel that they sold out. But, I still feel the rebel in their early music. And the music business is a hard one; if you don’t conform you will be fucked before you can say no! Once you are on your way, it can become a drug and some start to feel like Gods, and in the end crack under the illusion- i.e. Syd Barret of Pink Floyd and Sid Vicious of the Sex Pistols, (funny the should both be called Sid¨!).

    Music moves on, it waits for no, it sucks life out of a genre, and then it hangs on to the next pop style on the market. My main worry is not whether, one group or singer is better than the other, but that music has lost the fire and the fight of all those ‘innovators’, whether, they were called, Led Zeppelin or Sex Pistols- glad I was around at the beginning!

    Like the anger in your post! Now that’s real Rock and Roll, even though I don’t agree 100%- critic from all sides is healthy, making your post a good one again! Lol, Alex

  7. @dOSsDazNo Gravatar says:

    Agreed re Floyd. White man murdering the blues. Plastic soul. About as emotively genuine as an Xfactor single.

    Reminds me of Kiwis these days. Every NZ person I meet (there are loads here in Edinburgh) tells me about Fat Freddy’s Drops… “AMAZING Dub/Reggae band”. Same shit… white man plasticised bollocks versions of music I love.

    I’ll listen to p;ractically ANY genre of music. But it’s gotta be real. Gotta come from the soul, have emotion, even if that emotion is one of bleak despair. Floyd sound like they write their songs in a spreadsheet. Ditto Coldplay.

    Fuck em

  8. SpursSimonNo Gravatar says:

    LOL – when we did the A2Z music my only rule was “No Queen” which then got extended to No Floyd or Led Zep!